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Two application for Rider and Driver. Designed based on Material design.

Two applications for driver and rider. Designed based on Apple's official human interface design.

A fully featured backend for Admin and Operators.

Extensive features

With each updates new features comes to users and management capabilities for admin. Close to v3.0 release and we have already tons of those.

Great Techs

With for connectivity to Redis for caching and many more. All comes together for an efficient solution

Chat support

In-app Chat support between driver and rider.


There are many marketing tools implemented inside solution. Promo code offerings, Sending notification & message center.

Native Apps

Being written in Platforms Native environments gives an opportunity to achieve great performance & access to latest features of every platform


Bidirectional socket connections make having live updates on driver possible and practical.

"Excellent Quality"

Excellent Quality and good support. Thumbs Up.

kayodesowole Buyer

"very professional"

The developer is very professional and attends to issues speedily. Will definitely continue to buy from him.

kumali Buyer

"delivered what is promised"

This product delivered what is promised, the customer support, the guy respond in less that 24 hours, even on weekends in my case.

sebokam Buyer

"Definitely Buy from him in future"

Very satisfactory support, very nice, good guide about installation and configuration of project Recommended service provider definitely Buy from him in future

mujamali Buyer



Fleetlogic Buyer

"Very nice and sophisticated"

This system is very nice and sophisticated and I would also like to thank the technical support department for helping me at any time

rami_khaleel Buyer

Very satisfied

Very satisfied with this application and technical support is also up to the mark. I bet, you can not find a working taxi app in this price range.

pallav0501 Buyer


Impressed by the app and customer support is amazing. Congrats.

sinecx Buyer

5 Stars

I could not select a single reason for the 5 stars. You are more than great bro. Wish you more success.

xroid Buyer

Continuous Updates

Good quality code, all necessary features, good documentation, continuous updates and good technical support. All of these are reasons why I like this application and I wish the developer all the best in developing and selling it.

Th0utb0x Buyer

Understand what customer want

Good Service, Fast Respond, Understand what customer want, and humble

albwibowo Buyer

Exceeded my expectations

The author/developer has been professional, polite, patient and attentive with my requests for support. The code quality has exceeded my expectations based on the affordable cost . Many thanks!

daballs Buyer

Dedicated support to help customers whenever needed

Always there for you to help you and share the experience on how to run your business more efficiently using Services

Many top-end technological specifications brought to you with relatively low price.

Perfect Integration

App is ready to be localized and used in your own country or locale fast as possible. Many country payments are supported by having most famous payment gateways implemented.


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