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WebSite Launched!

It’s been over a year and half now that I have been part of envato community. It has been a great journey for me to learn new things and get a hold on providing softwares to clients. During this time I have found out there are some other types of client that are interested in using the applications and running their business but can’t deal with technical side of this, Of course I tried to help them but it was troublesome and very hard for both parties to do so in that specific format. So that’s why I have launched this website. It’s the next step in getting bigger to be able to cover a bigger user base by providing other plans.

There is a lot more I want to do with this app and there are some other apps I have developed after this and is not released yet. So hopefully with users support as they did up until now on codecanyon it will continue and strive faster and better.


  • Renan

    November 1, 2019

    Good evening, mpoi I became thief of a developer who found in Ukraine, it was bought. It was bought almost 10 months ago and impossible to reach for 10 months. He receives my messages and I lost € 400 for nothing because he says he will install it. Since I have been to the hospital twice because of nervous tensions. And I just discovered your, congratulation, and my heart hurts

      • Renan

        December 25, 2019

        So what can I do now? The person found my message on codecanyon when I said that I was looking for an Uber version and it was a friend of mine who contacted me. Now what should I do? I lost my money or you can install it with your system


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