First of all Thanks for purchasing Taxi solution. This guide will walk you through the installation proccess. To start this app on your server you will need a linux VPS with at least 1 GB of ram (2GB recommended). Then you will need to have a SSH client and an FTP client installed on your machine. For the SSH client you have Termius available which is free and multi-platform supporting macOS, Windows & linux.

Copying files to server

For FTP client you can use anyone of the options you like and all three operating systems have one implemented in themselves too. Copy server folder to your server using FTP client of your choice. The final folder structure of your server would look like this:


Connect to server

Connect to your linux VPS using IP address and root password provided by your hosting provider. Below are a few useful SSH command that you will use frequently during installation:

Usefull commands

  • cd [dir]: You can enter a directory using this command. for example: cd dashboard will enter folder dashboard.
  • cd ..: The will get you to parent directory.
  • ls: List all file & folder names in current directory.
  • nano [file]: A simple text editor that will come handy in the process.

Now let's start server installation