With having prerequisites installed you can now run the server app. For that purpose we will use pm2 which is a production process manager suite that will keep app running and log it's status for us. To do that extract somewhere in your server then run the server-linux file using pm2 start server-linux. Now you should be able to open dashboard from browser and initiate configuration steps. The dashboard address would be your server address with port 8080 by default. (eg. http://x.x.x.x:8080/)


In some servers port 8080 is not accessible for external access due to their firewall. To fix this prefer to FAQ

In browser you will see a wizard which you will need to fill with required keys to run the App.


Purchase Code

You will need to put your purchase code for validation. This was delivered to you at email after you made your purchase from codecanyon.


By default only field that requires changing here is MySQL password that you set in it's own section

Google Maps API Key

This API key is to be retrieved From Google Developers console. It would require Distance Matrix API API being enabled from Library.


Having Billing enabled on your Google Account is mandatory for some API's to work. So make sure you have the billing enabled or there might be some parts don't work as expected.

Firebase Admin SDK

Firebase is currently being used for it's Free Phone Auth & Notification services. You will need to create two separate Firebase projects on their console for driver & rider and for each one of them The key file and Database URL required for app to work can be retrieved from Firebase console's project setting under Service Accounts. After uploading & entering these information your setup will be done. Give backend a few seconds to set itself up then refresh and enter dashboard with default admin & admin credentials 🎉